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Why should I read a book summary?

  • What is the attention economy?

We live in the sharing economy today-we share cabs and holiday accommodation, among many other things. The future, however, is about Attention Economy. The attention economy is about building and paying for products that help you get more of something with just a little bit of attention spent. Why, you ask? Because human attention is limited-after all you have only 24 hours of attention to distribute, on a given day. Now if you decide to “Netflix and chill” for 8 hours, you will need to give up focusing your attention on something else, including sleep.

  • Is the human attention span declining?

As per a recent report, the average attention span for humans seems to have dropped from 12 seconds in the year 2000, to 8 seconds in 2016. At 8 seconds, our attention span is less than that of a goldfish. In simple words, we cannot focus on a task beyond 8 seconds without getting distracted. And this drop in attention span was across all age groups and gender. The number one reason attributed to this societal trend is penetration of multiple devices and subsequent information overload.

Leveraging this societal trend are apps (and therefore business models) that ride on the universal tension between two human truths- “Fear of missing out (the need to know more)” and “I do not have the time to know more”. Heard of summly and inshorts? They leverage this human insight, expressed in the youthfully arrogant acronym of tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) and compress news into snackable bites.

  • What is a book summary?

A book summary is a concise interpretation of a nonfiction book. The intent of a book summary is to help you get the “gist of the book”. Let’s take a real life analogy to explain book summaries- your lunch. A healthy lunch is like a good book-you take out some time to eat it and it nourishes you. There are times when you do not have the time to sit down for lunch- that’s when you make the choice of a healthy snack-maybe a granola bar. The granola bar is a quick and nourishing alternative (not a replacement) to your lunch. A nonfiction book summary is the granola bar- takes less time, is nourishing and acts as a quick alternative to your lunch. But can you replace every lunch of yours with a nourishing granola bar? The same is with a book summary. Handcrafted book summaries from bookbhook enrich you, and then, with the bookbhook android app, you can buy the book, should you wish to do so. In fact, we urge you to buy the books whose summary you have enjoyed. The granola bar is nourishing and convenient, but it should not replace your daily lunch.

  • Why should I read a book summary?

But why would someone want to read a book summary? Well, to satiate the need to know more without reading more. Because in this age of distracted attention, a book summary helps you grasp the book abstract and essence of the book in just a few minutes.With handcrafted nonfiction book summaries from bookbhook, we take care of two of your problems “What should I read next?” and “Where do I find the time to read?” Browse through our thoughtfully curated list of book summaries, and read it up in just 10-15 minutes. Or if you wish, listen to the audiobook summary during your commute time. We are adding new audiobooks summary every week.

  • How to write a book summary?

A typical nonfiction book contains about 65,000 words which bookbhook handcrafted summaries compress to 3000–3500 words. 3–8 hours of reading time compressed to 10 minutes or so. We use complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms that scan through nonfiction books and create a high quality summary in just a few seconds. Actually, we don’t. We write book summaries using the time tested tool of real humans reading the book and then handcrafting each book summary with a lot of thought and care. But we would surely love to see how Artificial Intelligence can help simplify the process of writing book summaries. In fact, there are folks in Japan (where else!) who are already working on AI algorithms that will translate and summarise books using machine learning. Till then, trust our human writers to deliver high quality book summaries for you.

  • Why should bookbhook be the reading app on my smartphone?

With more than 100 nonfiction book summaries and many more in the pipeline, bookbhook is India’s favourite book summary app. We are young, we are new, but we are getting there with our book summaries in English and some in Hindi, as well as audiobook versions of our books summaries. And yes, bookbhook believes that time spent online should be time well spent. bookbhook is the Indian tl;dr solution for the world of nonfiction books. You may spend just 10 minutes reading a handcrafted book summary, but those 10 minutes should open your world to new possibilities and thoughts.

At bookbhook, we strongly believe and support Tristan Harris’ timewellspent movement. Please join this movement here