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                                                The Secret

                                                Rhonda Byrne

Simon & Schuster

198 pages; Average reading time 2 hours 48 min

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This bookbhook summary has been handcrafted by Shweta Siddha-Deshmukh, exclusively for India’s favourite book summary app-bookbhook. Shweta is a computer science engineer who is currently working as a manager at an NGO, learning entrepreneurship and building a better work-life balance. Shweta believes reading has made her broaden her thoughts and reading helps her connect more with herself.

This handcrafted book summary will help you learn

  • How to discover the secret of happiness in your life?
  • How to achieve the goals that you want to?
  • How to love your own self?

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe and is the secret to life. The greatest teachers, poets, artists, thinkers and writers have talked about it. Different religions and civilisations have expressed it in their writings and stories. The law was first recorded in stone in 3000 BC. The Babylonian civilisation was the wealthiest as they had applied this law of the universe.

The law states that you will attract those things in life that you are predominantly thinking of. For e.g.-You will attract more wealth with the thoughts of wealth and abundance. Your thoughts give you a magnetic power to attract things in life.  They may be happy or sad; the law will attract more likewise thoughts and thoughts become things!

Your predominant thoughts generate a frequency that is transmitted to the world outside. You attract things likewise on the frequency that are broadcast back to you. If you want to change anything in your life, you need to change your thoughts! People mostly think about the things they do not want and do not have in life. The Law does not understand good or bad, it will give you the things you focus on, and they may be the things you want or do not want!

Choose your thoughts

All living things operate on this Law of Attraction, but human beings can choose their thoughts and have the power to create their own life! Positive thoughts are hundred times more powerful than negative thoughts. It takes many negative thoughts to get negativity in your life. Decide and think only good thoughts. Not all thoughts need come true instantly. Time allows you to think about what you want and make choices. You need to become aware of your thoughts and carefully choose the right ones. Meditation is the way to control your thoughts and calm your mind.

Observe your feelings

The effect of what we think becomes our feelings. You will have good and bad feelings, which will make you aware of what you are thinking. You cannot have good thoughts when you are feeling bad. Bad feelings will attract more bad things to you, and so you need to try to change your thoughts and feel better. The good emotions of excitement, joy, gratitude, and love will draw more good into your life. You create a future that is on track with your desires. The Law of Attraction works throughout the day, and everything you feel and think creates your future. Be aware that when you are feeling good, you are powerfully attracting more good things to you.

You get what you are feeling rather than what you are thinking. If you are starting your day with a good feeling, you are going to attract more people and situations to sustain that feeling. There are situations when things go wrong one after another because of one bad thought. This pattern will continue until you change your thoughts. The feeling of love is the highest frequency and one of the greatest life-transforming powers in the universe. When you feel and emit love, you are harnessing a power that will benefit you if you have thoughts of love, and harm you if you have harmful thoughts for others. You need to understand and master your thoughts and feelings to create your reality.

Your wish is my command

You create your life using the Law of Attraction. There are many stories to demonstrate this phenomenon. In the story of Aladdin and Genie, the Genie always says, ‘Your wish is my command!’ In real life, Aladdin is you who always ask for wishes and Genie is the Universe, which answers your commands.

The creative process involves three simple steps:

  1. Ask: Making a command to the Universe for what you want. You need to have clarity about what you have asked for. If you want to lose weight, you need to get a clear picture of the weight you want and how you will look like in your mind. Do not focus on ‘Losing ’
  2. Believe: You need to believe what you have asked for. It is about acting, speaking and thinking as if you have received it. In the case of weight loss, you must visualise and believe yourself getting into that perfect shape.
  3. Receive: You need to feel good about what you ask for and believe you have received it. You are on the frequency of receiving when you are feeling good. For example, you must feel good about your body, as you cannot attract the perfect weight by feeling bad about your body.

When the actions you take seem effortless, they become inspired actions, and you start attracting things like a magnet when you become clear about what you want. There is no time and size for the Universe, and it will manifest one dollar or millions of dollars in the same way.

To experience the Law of Attraction, start with something small like a cup of coffee or parking spaces. As you attract small things, you will expect bigger things and create your life in advance. Make it a habit of determining the things in your life in advance. Create your day in advance by thinking how you want it, and then you are creating your life intentionally.

Gratitude & visualisation

Your current life is the outcome of your past thoughts and actions. Make a list of things you are grateful for and feel good about. This will shift your focus from the things you are complaining about and your problems. Gratitude will bring more into your life. Start feeling grateful about what you already have. The negative thoughts and emotions will block good things coming to you. You cannot get more into your life by feeling ungrateful about what you already have. Start by writing down what you want. When you thank in advance, for what you want, you emit a powerful signal to the universe, which says that you already have what you want, as you are grateful for it.

Visualisation is a powerful process as it creates powerful feelings by focussing thoughts into pictures. The law of attraction will revert those pictures that you saw in your mind. Many great inventions happened because the inventor saw the picture in his mind of what he wanted. When visualising, focus on the results and put yourself in the feeling of having achieved it. It is the feeling that creates attraction , and not the thought or picture. If you wish to get a new car, put yourself in the place of being inside the car and feel good about it. If you stay in the feeling of ‘I wish I could get that car’, it is always in the future, not in the present. That feeling will begin to be an open doorway through which the power of the Universe will begin to express. Our job is not to figure out how. The how will show out of commitment and belief in the feeling. The Universe always knows the shortest, quickest, fastest, and most harmonious way between you and your dream. If you turn it over to the Universe, you will be surprised and dazzled by what is delivered to you. Create a vision board and place the pictures of all the things you want in life. See it every day and feel that you have those things now. As you receive and feel gratitude for receiving, you can remove old pictures and add new ones. This is a wonderful way to introduce children to the law of attraction.

How to attract money?

The use of the Law of Attraction works for money as well. However, to attract money you must focus on wealth. If you focus on not having enough money, you are creating circumstances of not having enough. You need to think and believe you have more than enough and focus on abundance rather than lack of money. Negative thoughts and emotions will block money from coming to you. When you need money, it is a powerful  feeling, and you will continue to attract the feeling of ‘needing money’.

The fastest way to get money is to BE and FEEL happy. Declare to the Universe how much money you want in how many days, and it should be believable by you. You need to change the thoughts that money will come only through the job.  Ask and believe that you are receiving and feel happy; the Universe will take care of how to bring it to you. The thoughts of debts and bills will attract more of it. Figure out the ways to focus on prosperity. Always say, ‘I can afford that. I can buy that’ about the things you want to buy or dream. As you continue doing this, the pictures of your life will change. Do not focus on the lack and scarcity of the things you do not have.

People are wealthy because they predominantly think of wealth. Wealth is a mindset. You need to feel good about money to attract more money. Giving is a powerful action to draw more money into your life. The wealthiest people give away vast amounts of money. When you give with a feeling of ‘I have plenty’, the law of attraction will give back more money in multiples. As you practice giving, you must get more to give.

How to love yourself, and others?

Your actions should not contradict your desires when you want something in your life. Your actions in life should reflect your expectations. To get more love in life, you need to treat yourself with love and respect. Only after this will the Law of Attraction get you more people who respect and love you in your life. You should not sacrifice yourself for others with the feeling, ‘There is not enough for everyone so that I will go without.’ These feelings will turn to resentment. There is abundance for everyone, and you should make feeling good your priority. When you do what makes you feel good, you are a joy to be around for everyone. All the good things including health, wealth, and love depend on this. You need to focus on all the wonderful things and the positivity inside you, and the Law of Attraction will show more great things about you. As you love yourself, you will automatically love others.

For any relationship to work, we need to focus on what we can appreciate about others rather than the other way round. If you are having a hard time in a relationship, write all the things that you appreciate about that person and think about all the reasons that you love the person. When you focus on acknowledging the strengths of the other person, that is what you will get more of, and all the problems will fade away. We at times expect others to create our happiness, but only one person is in charge of your joy, and that is you. Your parents, spouse, or children have no control over creating your happiness but only have the opportunity to share it. Love everything and everyone you can, and when you focus on things you love, love and joy will come back to you multiplied.

Healing with the mind

The human mind is the biggest factor in healing arts. When patients truly believe they will be cured, then they will certainly be cured because of their belief. Healing through the mind can work together with healing by medicines. Thousands of diseases and diagnosis are a result of just one thing-stress. Our body creates diseases to let us know that we have an imbalanced perspective.

Cathy Goodman was cured of breast cancer in about three months without any radiation or chemotherapy. She healed herself by watching funny movies and laughing all the time. She tried not to put any stress in her life, as it was detrimental to the healing process. The immune system is made to heal itself, and we all have a basic built-in program called self-healing.

Diseases cannot live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state. Diseases remain in the body by attention, thoughts, and observation of illness. Release thoughts of ageing and stop counting the number of your birthdays. Through constant thinking of perfection, you can bring into being your perfect state of health, body, weight, and eternal youth. If you are not well don’t talk about it unless you want more of it. Help the sick person by changing the conversation to good things and walk away by giving your powerful thoughts and feelings to see that person well. To get rid of the disease, get rid of negative thoughts and stress. All the incurable diseases can be cured. Morris Goodman is known as the Miracle man, and his recovery from paralysis demonstrates the unfathomable power and unlimited potential of the human mind.

Heal the world

The society is fighting against poverty, war, drugs, and terrorism. When we focus on the things we do not want, we add energy to it. The anti-war movement creates more war. Instead, try to be pro-peace. Mother Teresa said she will never attend an anti-war rally, but will always be there for a peace rally. When you talk more about things you do not want, you are creating more of it. You can give your powerful thoughts even to a world situation by emitting feelings of love and well-being, despite what is happening around you. The news channels broadcast more and more negative news because we are buying such news. It is just the Law of Attraction in action, and this will change when the society changes its focus. When you think good, feel good, and do good, you uplift your life and subsequently the world.

There is an abundance of goodness, joy, love, and power for everyone in this world. However, humanity limits itself by thoughts of fear, greed, stinginess and this becomes the experience. You see lack and limitation when you think there is not enough by looking at the outside pictures. Things come into existence when you think and feel about them from inside. There cannot be a lack as your ability to think is unlimited, and things you think into existence are unlimited. Life was meant to be lived to the fullest, and you must think, see, feel, and believe in abundance without thoughts of limitation. We can always find new resources that can help us achieve our goals.

Your goals are your responsibility

You cannot create other people’s life for them and force your opinions. Let others create the life they want. The universe offers everything to everyone through the Law of Attraction. And if you are facing a lack of anything, like poverty or a disease, it is because you cannot believe or understand your power. You must get hungry and intentional for the things you want, and Universe will deliver it all to you. Praise all the beautiful and wonderful things around you and do not spend your energy complaining about the things that are not working.  You get more when you embrace the things you want. You are on the highest frequency of love and have good feelings when you are praising and blessing everything around you. It will return to you manifold. Praising and blessing the enemies will dissolve all the negativity, but cursing them will harm you, as the curse will come back.

Focus on yourself

You are the most powerful transmission tower in the Universe. When you think about the things you want and emit that frequency, the things that you want also vibrate on the same frequency and come to your life. You have the power to focus your energy through your thoughts. Look around for the needs waiting to be filled, imagine, and think their fulfilment into being. Henry Ford was ridiculed by the people when he wanted to bring his vision of motor vehicle into the world. However, he knew The Secret and the law of the universe that other people did not know.

We are all connected and are part of the One Energy Field or the Creative Source. When you think negative thoughts you are separating yourself from this. The Universe is the supplier of everything, and you can think of Law of Attraction as the law of supply.

All your questions will be answered when you become aware of the power of The Secret and have a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction. The universe has been answering you all your life, maybe in the form of a newspaper headline that attracts your attention or a song. Focus on the presence inside you.

You are limitless

Your life is what you create or what mission you give yourself, and no one will ever judge it. Start with a new beginning, be grateful to your past as it got you where you are and find your joy and live it! Do the things that you love, and that bring you joy. Once you find your joy and commit to it, the Law of Attraction will pour joyful things, people, circumstances, events and opportunities in your life because you are radiating joy. You have the freedom to choose for yourself.

This is the most exciting time in the history as we are going to experience all the impossible becoming possible. Once we know we are limitless, we can experience limitless magnificence of humankind expressed through sports, health, art, and any field of creation. The more you use The Secret, the more you will understand it. The Secret is within you. Every beautiful thing you see and every wondrous thing you experience is all there for you. You are the master of the Universe and the perfection of Life.

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