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 Grassroots Innovation: Minds on the Margin Are Not Marginal Minds

                                          Anil K Gupta

Random House

416 pages; Average reading time 4 hours 04 min

This bookbhook summary will take not more than 12 minutes


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This bookbhook book summary has been handcrafted by Swetha Karthik, exclusively for India’s favourite book summary app-bookbhook. Swetha is a stay at home mother to an eleven year old girl. When she is not creating art on paper, Swetha seeks her ‘happy place’ between the pages of a book.

This handcrafted summary will help you learn

  • What is grassroots innovation?
  • How innovation happens without expensive R&D?
  • Why girls in India are more innovative than married women?
  • How innovation knowledge in India is being carefully curated via organisations like Honey Bee Network & National Innovation Foundation?

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