About Us

About bookbhook

“I do not have the time for reading, and yet I want to be knowledgeable and well read, as being so helps me in my work and social life.”

bookbhook is an early stage bootstrapped start up, founded by an IIMA alumnus who quit a 15 years corporate career to pivot his hobby of reading into problem solving proposition. bookbhook brings alive the promise of “You do not need to read more to know more”.

bookbhook is about re-looking books in a totally refreshing way. Because we know there are thousands of books and it’s difficult to pick the right one, bookbhook carefully curates books on your behalf. Because we know that you just do not get the time to go through entire books, bookbhook writes out handcrafted book summaries that you can read in 10 minutes. Because there are more ways to read a book than,well, just read, bookbhook app carries all the summaries on your smartphone.

Watch out for more refreshing ways of reading a book. There’s more on the way..