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bookbhook is an early stage bootstrapped start up, founded by two IIM-Ahmedabad alumnus.

Gaurav Gupta, who quit a 15 years corporate career to pivot his hobby of reading into problem solving proposition.  Gaurav is an MBA from Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad who has worked in leadership roles across sales and marketing profiles in Coca Cola, Nokia, Citibank & Tata Docomo. Gaurav believes that the knowledge locked inside life changing non fiction books, needs to be unlocked in more relevant and engaging formats for the new generation, a future-view that led to his becoming the Founder & Chief-Editor at bookbhook.com

Himanshu Joshi, who is currently pursuing his doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership as a full-time student at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York. He is an MBA from Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad and started his career with GlaxoSmithKline Consumer healthcare where he played roles in new product innovation and Lean Sigma. He subsequently worked with XSEED/ iDiscoveri Education and played a significant role in its growth from a startup to one of India’s most respected school education enterprises that currently works with over a million learners. Himanshu wears the hat of Chief Learning Designer at bookbhook.com


What is information overload?

What is the problem that bookbhook book summaries is trying to solve? “I do not have the time for reading, and yet I want to be knowledgeable and well read, as being so helps me in my work and social life.”

Lack of time to read is a real problem in this age of information overload, a term popularised by Alvin Toffler’s famous book Future Shock in the 1970s. How much information is ‘information overload’? As per scientists, enough to get humans distracted every 8 seconds. The attention span of a goldfish (9 seconds) is longer than that of humans (8 seconds), as per a recent study by Microsoft. 8 seconds? Yes, 8 seconds! Which is why you see a proliferation of 5 seconds YouTube pre-roll videos and Snap! Videos that just about hang around for few seconds.

If the low attention span is indeed an issue, then how do we explain the binge-watch of Netflix content-for hours? And what has bookbhook got to do with all this?

The answer is one word- FILTER.  The information overload is the failure of filter. When the right filters are in place, attention is available e.g. Game of Thrones on Netflix. Is content the filter or the format? Would people queue up to read a chapter by chapter summary of Game of Thrones book (part of A Song of Ice & Fire series)? Unlikely. Will youngsters take out 10-12 hours to binge watch the Game of Thrones series, from their incredibly busy schedule? A resounding yes!

So 8 seconds is the time people are giving for all content creators to make an impression. Can you engage me in 8 seconds? Yes? Then I am going to be there with you.

At bookbhook, we handcraft summaries of life changing nonfiction books into short reads that take no more than 10-12 minutes of your time. Yes, in the first 8 seconds, we help you discover a book- What is this book about? How will I benefit by reading this book summary? And once we answer those quick filter questions for you, we then take you on a fascinating journey of the world of information and knowledge from the best nonfiction books in the world.

bookbhook is about re-looking books in a totally refreshing way. Because we know there are thousands of books and it’s difficult to pick the right one, bookbhook carefully curates books on your behalf. Because we know that you just do not get the time to go through entire books, bookbhook writes out handcrafted book summaries that you can read in 10 minutes. Because there are more ways to read a book than, well, just read, bookbhook app carries all the summaries on your smartphone.

bookbhook brings alive the promise of “You do not need to read more to know more”.


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