August 1 is coming

Blockchain Revolution

If you deal with Bitcoin, you should be as worried about Aug 1st 2017, as Game of Thrones enthusiasts  about “Winter is coming”.

On August 1st 2017, coincidentally just 48 hours away, Bitcoin will undergo a User Activated Soft Fork (UASF). And that will decide the future of Bitcoin. Let’s just say that this August 1 meeting has the ability to split Bitcoin into two separate currencies, depending on which camp you belong to. And then there is Ethereum, which is a totally different ball game altogether.

Is the future all about cryptocurrencies? Probably yes. Is the futre about Blockchain technology based solutions? Definitely yes. While the geeks decide which camp of Bitcoin they will support, it is important to understand Blockchain technology from a business and governance perspective. Behind that Trust Protocol & Segwit implementation, what does Blockchain mean to common souls like us? How will it impact our lives in the future?

Shawna Guha spent more than 5 hours to read Don & Alex Tapscott’s Blockchain Revolution: How the technology behind Blockchain is changing money,business and the world. Shawna has then handcrafted this bookbhook summary


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