On Balance
There is this recent post by Indra Nooyi that has quite caught the fancy of the internet-Leave the crown in the garage Indra Nooyi talks about seven lessons for all-budding CEOs, students and anybody in general. Coincidentally, around the time that this post started circulating, at bookbhook we were working […]

Leila Seth & Indra Nooyi-separated by generations

Remote: Office Not Required
The folks at Automattic (the parent company of WordPress) have the answer. WordPress powers more than 25% of the web content platform and helps create more than 500 websites every day. So obviously, Automattic is growing. Yet it is shrinking as well. In June 2017, Automattic shut down its 15,000 […]

How does a company grow & shrink at the same ...

The New Digital Age
On 30th May 2017, ninedotsprize.org announced the winning entry to its question “Are digital technologies making politics impossible?”  Nine Dots required people to submit their 3000 words submission, answering the question above. James Williams, a 35-year-old doctoral candidate at the Oxford University won this award, earning $100,000 and the opportunity […]

Are digital technologies making politics impossible?

Give and Take-Adam Grant
When Wharton professor Adam Grant studied interaction between employees in organisations, he classified employees at two ends of the “reciprocity band at work”- Takers and Givers. Takers are those who like to get (a lot more) than what they give, while givers are those that are “other-focused”, who ask how […]

Nice guys finish first too….

Miles to run
Is there a switch in our body that, when you flick it on, converts mere mortals into extraordinary human beings? When we read of Malala Yousafzai or Dr V Kurien or Sheryl Sandberg and what they have achieved, we place them on a pedestal. They, obviously, are different from us, […]

How to build “Extraordinariness”?