Got a Ferrari?

Driven Virat Kohli

If you’ve got a sports car or a bike and live in India, then today is the day to take that mean machine out for a spin. You can push the pedal as much as you want to, ‘cos there will be no traffic on Indian roads. On dot at 3 PM today, 18th June.

Because it’s the ICC Champions Trophy final. Yes that too. But because it is an India Vs Pakistan final! In a nation where cricket is religion, and bashing the neighbour country has given a particular channel it’s high TRPs, things can’t get bigger than this. India Vs Pakistan. Wow! ICC Champions Trophy final. Wow!

And leading India is the new generation millennial poster boy- Virat Kohli. Indian cricket wallowed for most of 1960s,70s & 80s in the mud-pool of servile and self-centred cricket, with individual flashes of brilliance. Till, in 1989, a young boy with a curly mop, brought in two and a half decades of hope and excellence for Indian cricket. Along the way, about two decades back, Sourav Ganguly and his band of boys got Indian cricket to stand up straight and look into the eyes of the opponent, fearlessly. Most of the past 10 years have been about building on that spine led by Captain Cool, Mahnedra Singh Dhoni.

And now the time is for You give me. I give it back cricket, led by the uber confident and talented Virat Kohli. A captain who is helping a new generation of Indians fall in love with a different kind of cricket. As you settle down to watch today’s final, and even irrespective of that, get to know the story behind this new star of Indian cricket

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