How does a company grow & shrink at the same time?

Remote: Office Not Required

The folks at Automattic (the parent company of WordPress) have the answer. WordPress powers more than 25% of the web content platform and helps create more than 500 websites every day. So obviously, Automattic is growing. Yet it is shrinking as well. In June 2017, Automattic shut down its 15,000 sq. ft. office space in San Francisco as only five of its 563 employees came to office regularly. The others prefer to work remote. Yes, remote work-when you do not turn up physically at work, but not necessarily work from home. Remote working is the way of working at Automattic.

Around the same time that Automattic shut down its office space, IBM, in May 2017, asked a section of its employees to get back to the office, and stop working from home. Moreover, we of course are familiar with Yahoo’s directive guidance to its employees to stop working from home in 2013.

So is remote working good for employees and bad for the organisation? Or is it, as Automattic would lead us to believe, good for both? Like all answers in life, this one also is- depends. Depends on what?

Which is where popular tech entrepreneurs David Hansson & Jason Fried, founders of 37 Signals, chip in with their book Remote: Office Not Required. This book details out the differences between remote working and working-from-home, helps you with practical tips on making remote working effective and gets you to understand the pitfalls of remote working.

Sumit Agrawal, a techno-functional business specialist and an equity market trader, has handcrafted this bookbhook summary of Remote: Office Not Required to enable you to know all about remote working in just 12 minutes. Normally, the book will take you about 3 hours and 37 min to read.



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