Leila Seth & Indra Nooyi-separated by generations

On Balance

There is this recent post by Indra Nooyi that has quite caught the fancy of the internet-Leave the crown in the garage

Indra Nooyi talks about seven lessons for all-budding CEOs, students and anybody in general. Coincidentally, around the time that this post started circulating, at bookbhook we were working on the handcrafted summary of On Balance-An Autobiography by Leila Seth. A lovely narration of a life that should be inspiring so many of us, the book takes you through Leila Seth’s life languidly over almost 500 pages and at least 6-7 hours.

Coming back to Indra Nooyi’s post, the seven lessons that she talks about are:

  1. Everyone needs a vision
  2. Think hard about time
  3. Ensure that culture change sticks
  4. Listen carefully
  5. Be a student for life
  6. People are everything
  7. Leave the crown in the garage

I decided to compare Leila Seth’s narrative with Indra Nooyi’s seven lessons-after all; they are both super successful women though from different era and work domains.  And surprise, surprise! The two women are essentially talking of similar things (in 1 page and 496 pages respectively). Leila Seth talks about having a vision and how she felt helpless on retiring, until she discovered what she wanted to with her time. Like Leila Seth who topped London Bar exams as a mother, Indra Nooyi also believes in being a student for life. And like Indra Nooyi’s mother, Leila Seth talked about the importance of being able to manage home and work equally well (of course, with help from the spouse).

Isn’t that amazing? Two women, separated by time, geography, and work domains, talk about similar principles to be successful as a woman leader.

Gayathri Manikandan has handcrafted this 11-minute summary of On Balance-An Autobiography by Leila Seth after enjoying a more than 6 hours read. If this summary piques your interest, do pick up the book and celebrate one of the lesser-celebrated women leaders of India-Leila Seth


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