The Millennials
It is likely that by now you would have seen this wildly popular video where Simon Sinek talks about the millennial generation. The video has generated vigorous nods of agreement and angry accusations of generalisation, depending on when you were born. What is it about the The Millennial generation that […]

The Millennials are not aliens

ISRO: A Personal History
“In India, the immediate goals of our space research are modest. We do not expect to send a man to the moon or put elephants, white,pink or black, into orbit around the earth” Dr. Vikram Sarabhai , 1970   Isro’s PSLV-C38 places Cartosat-2s and 30 nano satellites in orbit The […]

Putting elephants into orbit

Driven Virat Kohli
If you’ve got a sports car or a bike and live in India, then today is the day to take that mean machine out for a spin. You can push the pedal as much as you want to, ‘cos there will be no traffic on Indian roads. On dot at […]

Got a Ferrari?

P53: The gene that cracked the cancer code
About a fortnight back, The Times of India carried this report “Scientists find what causes spread of cancer & new way to stop it”, based on research work done at the John Hopkins University and published in Nature. Medical science is now probing what causes the spread of cancer, but […]

The quest to conquer cancer

The New Digital Age
On 30th May 2017, announced the winning entry to its question “Are digital technologies making politics impossible?”  Nine Dots required people to submit their 3000 words submission, answering the question above. James Williams, a 35-year-old doctoral candidate at the Oxford University won this award, earning $100,000 and the opportunity […]

Are digital technologies making politics impossible?

18 Minutes summary
I recently came across this on a blog that I regularly follow: “We can hear and understand 700 words per minute, but we can speak only about a 100 words per minute.” This lag of 700 minus 100 is the reason we get distracted when we hear someone speak. Imagine […]

700 minus 100 = lack of focus