The Millennials are not aliens

The Millennials

It is likely that by now you would have seen this wildly popular video where Simon Sinek talks about the millennial generation. The video has generated vigorous nods of agreement and angry accusations of generalisation, depending on when you were born.

What is it about the The Millennial generation that sparks so much interest? Are they really from a different world? Or is it that the Gen X’ers are being paranoid about how the millennials are shaping up? Is this just another generation gap rant or is there something more structural happening with the millennials?

For sure, Simon Sinek’s video does not answer the two questions above, but he does have a few insights that ring true for the Gen X- Millennial divide. This divide is about not about perceptions and generalisation. This is a tangible divide between digital natives (millennials) and digital immigrants (Gen X and older).

How do we bridge this perceptual divide between millennials and Gen X? By going beyond generalisation. And the first step towards that is to understand what millennials are all about. Which brings us to our bookbhook summary of the week. Shawna Guha, a banker, picked up Subramanian Kalpathi’s  The Millennials: Exploring the World of the Largest Living Generation and has handcrafted this bookbhook summary of the book that will take just 10 minutes for you to read.



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