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                                      Things a Little Bird Told Me

Biz Stone

Pan Macmillan India

256 pages; Average reading time 3 hours 40 min

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The story as told by Biz Stone

I believe that creativity makes us complete. It inspires us to do something great. Creativity brings in ideas on which you can work hard to achieve your ambitions. You should use your abilities and imagination to try to find a bright spot in every situation so that you find something new and exciting to do.

  1. Make your future

It is better to make your own future. My single mother, struggling to make ends meet, kept my sister and me in Wellesley which is the best public school system in the country. She made sure our foundation was strong enough to pave the path ahead in life. Creativity and our ability to manufacture opportunities helps us make something out of nothing and accomplish great things. For example, I built the school lacrosse team from scratch. There was no lacrosse team in my school. I gathered some boys who were ready to try it out. I got the school administration to appoint a coach and ended up being the captain of the team as my goal was to be in a sports team and I had little chance of getting into any of the other sports teams.



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