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          Dissenting Diagnosis: Voices of conscience from the medical profession

                   Dr Arun Gadre & Dr Abhay Shukla

Random House Publications

208 pages; Average reading time 3 hours 28 min

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This bookbhook summary has been handcrafted by Shawna Guha. Apart from handcrafting book summaries for India’s favourite book summaries app, Shawna is a banker with one of India’s largest banks and believes reading helps in widening the horizon of hopes.


Question to Dr Vijay Ajgaonkar, Diabetologist:  What do you think about the increasing indiscriminate invasion of the private sector in the medical domain?

Summarised & edited response of Dr Ajgaonkar: It is true, although harsh to accept, that the medical profession is indeed in the grips of the corporate claws today. There was a time when a personal relationship used to exist between a doctor and the patient. The doctors used to diagnose conditions with utmost care by psychologically curing the patients to an extent, helped by some medicines. Dr Modi, who was 40 years senior to me, used to come up to my chamber at Chembur and charge only Rs 50 for diagnosis of the patients and never changed the medicines already prescribed by me. Even Dr Wadia would treat a patient based on just the detailed case history rather than going into investigations. In stark contrast, today, we are more dependent upon the tests, MRI scans, X-ray reports, and figures rather than on our knowledge and intuition.

This alarming situation can be attributed to the entry of the private players in the medical domain. The situation has become so grim that the patients whose days are numbered are forcefully pushed to ICU and ventilation to pile up the fees rather than let them die in peace at home with the near and dear ones.


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