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          Ego is the Enemy: The fight to master our greatest opponent

                                       Ryan Holiday

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This bookbhook summary has been handcrafted by Deepti Prashanth. Apart from handcrafting book summaries on INdia’s favourite book summary app, Deepti is an IT engineer who loves reading because not everything can be experienced and known, on our own.

The life of dreams

This book is not about me, it is about the ego! However, a little self-mention is necessary purely for contextual purposes. At a very early age, I experienced the textbook definition of ‘Success’. At 19, I dropped out of college and trained under some of the best mentors who laid the very foundation of my professional life. I was the youngest executive registered with the Beverly Hills Talent Management Agency. At 21, I was appointed as a strategist for American Apparels, a leading fashion brand across continents (at that time) and was later promoted to the Director of its marketing division. At 25, I published my first book, built a company that worked with the crème de la crème of clients, spoke at conferences, and attended some of the fanciest events in the country. In nutshell, I was living a life anyone of that age would die to live. However, this is not an honest story. I have conveniently edited the part where all this self-worth will seem like the Achilles Heel. Successful people have a way to tell their lives’ story where each struggle is hyped and each obstacle is made hyperbolic to justify success as seemingly well deserved.


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