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Enter the Dangal: Travels through India’s wrestling landscape

Rudraneil Sengupta

Harper Sports

274 pages; Average reading time 3 hours 52 min

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Boy from Baprola

Diwan Singh Solanki of Baprola village took his seven year old son to watch his first ever dangal. The kid did not enjoy the experience much and came back home in tears. Diwan then decided to train his son at home-to make him a wrestler. An akhada was built at Diwan’s home- and the young boy began his home training. By the time the boy was twelve, he was ready for his first ever dangal at the famous Chhatrasal akhada. Soon Diwan had to add an extra hour to his day because it took him an hour every morning to deliver three litres of milk and fresh fruits to his son, who was now training at the Chhatrasal akhada. Sushil Kumar turned out to be a very good wrestler-so good that he qualified for the World Cadet Games in Poland in 1998-and won the gold medal there. By 1999, Sushil Kumar, a frequent winner at dangals, had stopped focussing on dangals and started working towards Athens Olympics 2004. He lost in his second bout at the Athens Olympics-there was no repechage then. In 2008 Beijing Olympics, Sushil Kumar won a Bronze.



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