Book summary of Fast Food Nation


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Fast Food Nation – What the All American Meal is Doing to the World

   Eric Schlosser

Penguin UK

400 pages; Average reading time 5 hours 26 min

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This bookbhook book summary is handcrafted by Ruchi Nagpal. Apart from writing book summaries for India’s favourite book summary app, Ruchi is a research scientist and believes books are the wings that help you reach the unknown.

This handcrafted book summary will help you learn

  • How the fast food industry came up in the US after World War II?
  • How flavours in fast foods are modified?
  • How fast food industry led to downfall of artisanal butchers across the US?
  • How fast food has become a key reason for obesity in the US?

The Fast Food Nation is an eye-opener detailing the emergence of the fast food industry and its impact on emotional, social and economic aspects of the American life.

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