Handcrafted book summary of Salt Sugar Fat

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          Salt Sugar Fat: How the food giants hooked us

                                Michael Moss

Random House Publications

480 pages; Average reading time 6 hours 35 min

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This bookbhook summary has been handcrafted by Sujatha Sathya. Sujatha found the draw of the written word too strong to resist, after spending a decade in teaching and training. For Sujatha, handcrafting summaries for India’s favourite book summaries app is another dimension in the pursuit of love for books.


Bliss point of sugar

Children develop a taste for salt at four or five months, but their liking for sugar begins at birth. They prefer higher levels of both. It’s a reflection of their basic biology. There are three aspects of sugar that make it attractive to children. One, the sweet taste is their signal for food that are rich in energy, and since kids are growing so fast, their bodies want food that give quick fuel. Two, we didn’t evolve in an environment that had sweet food. For the cave man, sweet was a big treat. While centuries have passed since the caveman, we still feel excited when we eat sugar. Three, it makes them feel good. It’s an analgesic. It reduces crying in a baby.


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