Handcrafted book summary of The Golden Tap

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          The Golden Tap: The inside story of hyper funded Indian startups

                                  Kashyap Deorah


280 pages; Average reading time 3 hours 18 min

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This bookbhook summary has been handcrafted by Sujatha Sathya. Sujatha found the draw of the written word too strong to resist, after spending a decade in teaching and training. For Sujatha, handcrafting summaries for India’s favourite book summaries app is another dimension in the pursuit of love for books.



The beginning

India has witnessed two startup waves. The first was in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Satyam Infoway’s Rs 499 crore acquisition of Rajesh Jain’s Indiaworld group of websites was the tipping point. Back then, the entry barriers were low. It is noteworthy that Microland’s Pradeep Kar owned the Internet space. He hosted India’s first large-scale Internet event, India Internet World. Meanwhile, Sabeer Bhatia sold Hotmail to Microsoft and was looking to start his next venture. Kar too went on to launch a portal and sold it to Newscorp’s Rupert Murdoch.


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