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Think and Grow Rich

   Napoleon Hill

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250 pages; Average reading time 4 hours 49 min

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This bookbhook book summary is handcrafted by Sujatha Sathya. Apart from writing book summaries for India’s favourite book summary app, Sujatha spent a decade in teaching and training before she decided focus on writing.

This handcrafted book summary will help you learn

  1. How passion & discipline can help you realise dreams?
  2. How self-belief can build a better future for you?
  3. How to overcome the six ghosts of fear?
  4. Why visualisation is the best approach building faith and success?

Are you just three feet away from success?

R.U Darby’s uncle was bitten by the goldrush bug, and he decided to try his luck in Colorado. After some effort, he discovered the shiny metal. The uncle got R.U Darby to arrange for money so that they could dig in drills and mine the gold. The first lot turned out to be precisely that- gold!

However, after that, Darby and his Uncle just could not find any more gold, howsoever deep they dug into the ground. Disappointed, they sold the machinery to another man at a junk price. This man, however, decided to take help. He hired a mining engineer who studied the area that Darby’s Uncle had dug, and recommended that the gold vein was three feet away from where Darby’s Uncle was digging.

The informed lead from the engineer turned out to be true, and the man had transformed the gold rush dream into reality.

Darby later made a fortune in the insurance business because he had learnt that ‘I stopped three feet from gold, but I will never stop because men say ‘no’ when I ask them to buy insurance. How did Darby move from Failure Consciousness to Success Consciousness? What is the success formula?

 Is there a burning desire within you?

A burning, all-consuming desire to succeed is a critical component of any great success story. The irrepressible desire to succeed is a state of mind, and it has to be kept burning at all times. You must be ready to burn your ship, cut off all fall-back plans and plunge headfirst into the undertaking you have chosen. That is the extent to which you wish to endeavour a success.

When things look rough, and the future is bleak, most people turn around and pursue a more comfortable option. However, that is never an option for real achievers because they do not even think of a backup plan. There simply is none. To succeed at the chosen task, come what may, is their only option.

People of all ages and races have always longed for money. Every single person on this planet wants to be rich. However, mere wishing will not bring wealth and prosperity. You must desire wealth with an obsessive mind and follow that up with concrete plans and methods to gain the riches you long for. Those definite plans further need a persistent and concentrated effort that does not give up at first sight of failure. Only this kind of approach can bring you the riches that you dream about.

Start this journey with these six steps

To embark on this journey, first and foremost, write down the exact amount of money you want. Then, examine what you can offer in exchange for the money. Note down a definite date by when you want to own the money.

Later, draft a definite plan for executing your wish and start at once to act on it. Write the whole thing down – the amount you want to make, the time limit, and the plan of how you will accumulate it – write everything down into one clear and short statement of action. Lastly, and most importantly, read that statement aloud, every day. Read it twice – at night and in the morning – and as you read, believe strongly that you already own the money.

Visualise your desire

Learn to persuade your mind that you will most definitely receive what you ask.  Watch as your mind starts to act on your unflinching belief. It will pass the belief back to you in the form of faith. It will also follow up with sure-shot plans for getting what you want. This state of mind, of unwavering belief, can be created.

To create this state of mind, you must repeat the instructions to the subconscious mind. Use the technique of auto-suggestion to achieve that. Behave as if you already possess all the material things you are dreaming about. When our mind is subjected to a constant supply of positive emotions, the mind becomes an encouraging place for faith. Such an overpowering mind will give the subconscious mind constant instructions. Moreover, the subconscious mind will surely act upon them all immediately.

Formula for self confidence

The formula for self-confidence is very simple. First, you need to remind yourself constantly that you do have the ability to achieve your main goal in life. You need to then focus your thoughts on imagining the person you wish to become. Do this every day for half an hour. Believe that with the help of the technique of auto-suggestion, any dream that you lovingly and continuously nurture in your mind will one day find outward expression.

Describe the primary aim of your life, write it down and promise yourself that you will never stop trying. You will be open to making use of the cooperation of other people in the pursuit of your goal. Lastly, sign your name on this formula, memorise it and repeat it aloud. Do this at least once every day with complete faith that it will power your thoughts and your future actions.

The power of auto-suggestion

Auto-suggestion refers to all suggestions that reach your mind through your five senses. It is, simply put, self-suggestion. When you focus on a specific desire, it eventually turns into an all-consuming obsession. It is better to not waste precious time by waiting for a definite plan and instead of starting immediately.

However, to start immediately, you need to visualise yourself as already possessing the money you wish to accumulate one day. Then, be on the look-out and when the plans appear, put them into action without further delay. It is important to have faith if you want to get good results. Follow the instructions with complete faith.

First, say out loud the amount of money you want to accrue and the time limit for it. Repeat this twice, every day till you can see the money. Read the written copy of your statement as soon as you wake up in the morning and before you sleep till it is thoroughly memorised.

When you do this, you are applying the method of auto-suggestion. The aim is to give orders to your subconscious mind. Remember, your mind will act on instructions that have an emotional touch.  Unemotional words do not affect it. So feed the instructions to the mind with feeling. It is well known that man can become his master and that of his environment. This is because he can influence his mind.

Knowledge is power

What does the word educate mean? It means to draw out or to develop from within. We often confuse an educated man as someone who has a great deal of general or specialised knowledge. However, it is not the case always. An educated man is someone who can develop his mind. He is perfectly capable of getting what he wants. He does this without infringing on others’ rights.

Anyone who knows where to get knowledge when he needs it is an educated man. He has mastered the skill of organising that knowledge into specific action plans.

Take the example of Henry Ford. He sought the help of his Master Mind group. He had all the specialised knowledge he needed at his disposal. This catapulted him to the position of one of the richest men in America. He had very little formal education – less than a sixth grade – but he excelled financially.

It is not very difficult to gain specialised knowledge. It is one of the cheapest forms of service. Look at the payroll of any university to get an understanding of its easy availability. Before you begin your journey to unprecedented wealth, decide the kind of knowledge you need. Also, state the objective for which it is needed. Your major purpose in life will determine what knowledge you need.

Some reliable sources of knowledge are – your own life experiences and education, the mastermind network which consists of the experiences and education of others, colleges and universities, public libraries, and also special training courses.

Imagine, create and be rich

Every rag to riches story started with a simple idea. An idea is the starting point of all fortune. The movie industry across the world has generated a lot of millionaires. Most of these rich men could not themselves create new ideas. However, they had the rare ability to recognise a brilliant, money-spinning idea when they spotted one.

A fertile imaginative faculty leads to an abundance of ideas. What you can imagine, you can create. When you create something of value to others, you accumulate wealth. The scope of operation of our thoughts is the world itself. There is simply no limit to what can be done with our constructive thoughts. Neither is there any fixed price for your ideas. The originator of the idea can quote his price. If he is savvy, he will get it. At the outset, you have to give proper guidance to your ideas. Eventually, they will take on the power of their own and wipe away all obstacles.

Desire gets a shape through the help the mind’s imaginative faculty. Man is truly capable of creating anything that he can imagine. Fortunately, this is the most favourable period to foster one’s faculty of imagination. This is an age of sweeping changes in every field known to humanity. We are likely to come in touch with invigorating stimuli, which in turn, develop the imagination.

Combine desire and action into your plan

Your plans need to be workable and practical. For this, you must surround yourself with a team of efficient people. You will require them for the execution of your plan for the building up of money. Make use of the Master Mind network which refers to taking full advantage of the experiences, education, ability and imagination of other powerful minds. Every person who has amassed great wealth has followed this method. You must involve every member of your Master Mind team in the creation of a workable plan.

There are chances that the first plan may not yield positive results. In such cases, you must replace it with a new plan. You would need to do this until the time you find a plan which works successfully. Many men fail at this juncture simply due to their lack of persistence. They fail to create new plans to take the place of the ones that failed.

The world knows that Thomas Edison failed ten thousand times. However, finally, he perfected the incandescent electric light bulb. When plans fail, as they are bound to in a dynamic environment, the brief defeat should not be taken as a sign of permanent failure. Treat it as a sign that the initial plans you had drawn were not feasible. So build other plans. Start again.

Defeat procrastination & DECIDE

Procrastination is an enemy of success. Successful people seldom procrastinate. They arrive at decisions quickly and change them slowly if needed. Most people fail because they easily give in to others’ opinions. They let others’ dictate their thinking. To achieve success, one must reach one’s own decisions by making use of facts and information whenever needed.

Great decisions do come at great risks, and civilisations have been founded on them. Lincoln’s Proclamation that granted freedom to the people of colour was given knowing that political supporters would turn against him. Socrates decided to drink the poison instead of compromising on his belief. It was a courageous decision.

When decisions are made in a spirit of faith, men can solve their problems. They gain the capability to amass immense material and spiritual wealth. Such conviction in decision making demands courage. If you want financial freedom, you must be willing to expect & plan and then demand the same from yourself and others. It applies to other areas of life as well as wealth, business prosperity and professional positions.

Never give up

You need to be persistent in your efforts to be successful. It is based on willpower. It transforms desire into its monetary equivalent. Persistent people achieve success because they carry on in spite of opposition and don’t stop till they reach their goal – Edison, for instance. Cultivate the habit of persistence and be insured against failure.

To develop persistence, first, know what know what you desire. If you have a strong reason, it will motivate you to overcome any hurdles. When you focus your thoughts on building plans to reach your goal, it automatically leads to persistence. This action is critical to any success. Organised plans, even if they may not be very strong in the beginning, encourage persistence of efforts.

The Powerful Master Mind

When knowledge is organised and intelligently directed, it is power. Power is nothing but the organised effort that helps a person to convert desire into tangible riches. Surround yourself with great minds and absorb the vibrations of their thoughts to drive away poverty and illiteracy.

Mahatma Gandhi was considered the most powerful man on earth. He galvanised two hundred million Indians to come together in unity for one definite purpose – that of independence for the nation. Whenever a team of individual brains work together in harmony towards one goal, the increase in energy created in that partnership recharges every individual brain in the team.

They together add to the group efforts the intelligence, experience, knowledge and spiritual forces of all the men involved. The combined effort of the Master Mind is a formidable force and a key factor in any successful endeavour.

The emotion of sex

Of all the human desires, sex is the most powerful. If it drives a man, he develops keenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence and creative ability. However, this desire has to be properly harnessed and used. If it is harnessed in the right direction, it can be a motivating force that keeps all of its qualities of sharpness of imagination. This can be used as powerful creative force in literature, art and even the amassing of wealth.

It is a historically proven fact that a woman’s influence has motivated men to accumulate great fortunes and achieve exceptional recognition in art and industry. One illustrious example is that of Napoleon Bonaparte. As long as he was inspired by his first wife, he was indomitable. But as soon as he put his wife aside, his decline started.

Most men reach the phase of their greatest capacity to create between the ages of forty and sixty. This is because it takes at least four decades before you build the understanding to harness your sexual energy into something creative. Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and James Hill are examples of note.

Sex energy lends enthusiasm to people and those who are devoid of it are neither enthusiastic nor capable of inspiring others with enthusiasm. And as everyone acknowledges, enthusiasm is one of the most important qualities in salesmanship, irrespective of what one is selling. The public speaker, orator, preacher, or lawyer who lacks in sex energy is a failure. He is a failure because he is incapable of influencing others. The three emotions of Love, Romance and Sex, are all emotions that can drive even ordinary men to greater heights of achievement.

Your subconscious is your friend

The subconscious mind records all sense impressions and thoughts irrespective of the nature of these impressions or thoughts. This suggests that you can willingly plant in your mind any plan, or purpose that you want to change, to its physical or even monetary equivalent. The subconscious will act on the strongest desire first. However, for that, the desire has to have emotional feeling or faith.

It is not possible to completely control the subconscious. However, what is possible is you can submit any plan that you want to be transformed into a tangible form. Subconscious is the bridge that connects the finite mind of man with infinite intelligence.

You can feed the subconscious with several emotions, some act as a positive influence and some as a negative influence. The positive emotions are the emotions of Desire, Faith, Love, Sex, Enthusiasm, Romance and Hope.

The negative emotions are the emotion of Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, Revenge, Greed, Superstition and Anger. Both these positive and negative sets of emotion cannot reside in mind simultaneously. One emotion will always rule. You need to ensure that it is a positive emotion that rules your mind. Even one negative emotion is enough to kill any chances of valuable support from the subconscious mind.

Your brain is a broadcasting station

The human brain picks up vibrations of thought sent by other brains. The receiving part of the brain is called the Creative Imagination. It receives thoughts. The subconscious mind is considered the sending part of the brain. It transmits thought vibrations.

When adequately stirred, the mind becomes more receptive to the vibration of thought. The stimulus process occurs through the positive or negative emotions. Emotions increase the vibrations of thought. When it comes to the intensity and the driving force, among all the human emotions, the emotion of sex leads the pack. The brain stimulated by the emotion of sex vibrates at a greater rate.

You have three aspects to keep in mind and apply when you want to use your broadcasting station – the Subconscious mind, Creative Imagination and Auto-suggestion. The agent that helps you put these principles into action starts with Desire.

Listen to your Sixth Sense

The sixth sense is sometimes also called as flashes or hunches or inspirations. It is a part of the subconscious mind. It is like a bridge between the finite mind of man and infinite intelligence. It is often considered as a combination of both the mental and the spiritual.

All the men who have achieved unmatched success have done because of their dominating thoughts and desires. The sixth sense is not something you can switch on and off. One learns the art of using the power of the sixth sense slowly. It is a fact that human beings receive accurate knowledge not just from the physical senses. It happens when our mind is extraordinarily stimulated.

Take the case of someone who has experienced a near-fatal accident. He is aware that at the time the sixth sense came to his rescue and he took a split second decision that helped him avoid the accident. Almost all great leaders like Bismarck, Buddha, Napoleon, Joan of Arc and so on and so forth have understood the principle of the sixth sense and its accuracy in predicting situations and gauging circumstances. A large part of their success comprised of their acknowledgement of the power of the sixth sense.

What about fear?

We now know how to develop faith using auto suggestion, visualisation of desire and making a friend out of subconscious. But what about fear? How do you overcome fear? To understand how to win over fear, it is important to understand that indecision and doubt lead to fear. Indecision and doubt blend to create six basic fears.

  1. The fear of poverty can be conquered by accumulating wealth that you can, without worrying.
  2. The fear of criticism can be overcome by not worrying about what others say.
  3. The fear of ill health can be conquered by not letting the symptoms worrying you
  4. The fear of loss of love
  5. The fear of old age can be conquered by seeing old age as gift that brings wisdom
  6. The fear of death is overcome by accepting death as an inevitable event in life.

Above all these six fears, is the ability to resist susceptibility to negative influences. Deliberately stay away from people who create negative influences and surround yourself with people who motivate you to think and act for yourself.

You can control your destiny if you learn to control your mind. Stop looking for alibis to failure and build the faith to realise your dreams.


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