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  We are connected 24/7 with the world around us. This makes life complex, distracting and stressful. This holds for adults as well as children. For children especially, we try to help them imbibe different skills in sports, studies and performing arts. One area that gets neglected in this race […]

Handcrafted book summary of Mind in the Making

Handcrafted book summary of Grassroots Innovation
  This bookbhook book summary has been handcrafted by Swetha Karthik, exclusively for India’s favourite book summary app-bookbhook. Swetha is a stay at home mother to an eleven year old girl. When she is not creating art on paper, Swetha seeks her ‘happy place’ between the pages of a book. This handcrafted […]

bookbhook Handcrafted Book Summary of Grassroots Innovation

  This bookbhook summary has been handcrafted by Nandini Shanbhag. Nandini quit her corporate job of 17 years to pursue her passion for reading and writing. Nandini believes reading opens the doors to unknown realms and widens our horizons. This handcrafted summary will help you learn What are the myths […]

bookbhook Handcrafted Book Summary of Eat Move Sleep

  Why book summaries? In this tl;dr world, you are running short on time. There’s hardly any time to read for a few hours at a stretch. And yet we are in the knowledge economy, where knowing more is equal to more success at work. How can you, then, know […]

bookbhook Handcrafted Book Summary of Brick by Brick