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         P53: The gene that cracked the cancer code

                 Sue Armstrong

             Bloomsbury Sigma

288 pages; Average reading time 4 hours 05 min

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This bookbhook summary has been handcrafted by Varsha Srinivasan. Apart from handcrafting book summaries for INdia’s favourite book summary app, Varsha is an immunology scientist, currently busy raising her twin girls. She believes non-fiction books impart life lessons that are hard to find.


Can cancer be inherited?

Luana Locke is an attractive woman teeming with such tireless energy and zest for life that no one who meets her would guess about her lifelong experience with cancer. When she was just three, Luana lost her nine-year-old sister Manuela to brain cancer. She was unaware that her mother too, was suffering from cancer at that time and would pass away soon. Luana’s parents had moved to Canada from Italy some years back for better monetary prospects. Her family comprised of just three members now, her father, brother and herself.

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